Flex, APIs, and Videotape

Flex, APIs and VideotapeThe controversial cinematic classic to which the title of this post pays homage might have been arthouse nonsense, but the third instalment of Andrew Muller’s trilogy, Share Media On Twitter Using Flex, is certainly not. We’ve just set it live on sitepoint.com.

In Part I, Andrew “Funk Master Flex” Muller demonstrated how to implement a slick Twitter interface using Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder, and a sprinkling of PHP. Part II took this one step further by showing how to upload images to Flickr.

This time, we’re adding video to the mix.

That’s right, video! You’ll learn how to add a video uploader to the app, and we’ll introduce functionality for taking screen captures of the video, which you can then upload to Flickr, just like you did in Part II with images. Cool, huh?

Did we mention how cool video is?

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to check out Share Media on Twitter Using Flex, Part I: The Basics, and Part II: Images.

We’re also running another quiz at the end of this article, which Adobe are sponsoring. So why not go read the article and then take the quiz to see how much you understood?