Macromedia’s recently-announced Flex 2.0 platform (see Flex 2.0 announced with more affordable pricing) is now available to download in alpha form from Macromedia’s newly-launched Macromedia Labs site.

Macromedia Labs in itself is an exciting change of direction for Macromedia, which plans to use the site to expose developers to experimental technologies, works-in-progress, and other early ideas coming from the software company. With full community features like open discussion forums and a wiki, it will be interesting to see how this openness flies with Macromedia’s nearly-complete merger with Adobe, another traditionally closed software company.

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  • david102299

    I downloaded and installed the alpha yesterday and I couldn’t get past the “New Project” button. Flex just kept showing a progress bar finishing and then starting over again…

    Too bad, it looks like an interesting product.

    -David V.

  • Anonymous

    Try again…

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