Flash Video and Learning Curves

By sgrosvenor

I had a few minutes spare last night, and created a mini-focal piece for phireworx.com and the Flash Anthology book using a small video clip and some winky effects in After Effects 6.5. The effect is simple and to the point, but uses some complex keyframing to achieve the desired effect.

What I’m driving at here is your usage of Video in Flash, so lets have a quick straw poll on your video usage in Flash.

1. Do you use Flash video in Flash MX+?

2. Do you use post processing such as After Effects to glamorize / correct the final video?

If you answered ‘No’ to question 2, then is this because you have no need, or you lack the pieces of the jigsaw to do it?

I’m considering writing a tutorial on Video in general with a focus on post processing before the Video gets into Flash. Would you guys want such a tutorial, or is it a little too niche?

  • cob

    I would certainly read it.

  • David

    For sure, great idea. I am just now starting to embark on an educational video project and would love more advice on image processing for the web!

  • Redivider

    I’d love to read something like that. I think it may be a niche thing, but for the people who are interested, it could be a great resource that you can’t really find anywhere else.

    By the way, your site looks a little odd in Firefox. The far right column seems to be overlapping the middle column no matter where I resize my browser. Just thought you might like to know.

  • shakib

    personally i’d be interested in an exploration of real-world situations and approaches.

    Bandwidth, and her sister Performance, never really go away as issues in the studio. I’m currently trying to find ways of implementing video (beyond a tiny clip or two) while minimising download times and end-user requirements (hi-res pda’s are surely round the corner ;)

    One can see good ideas at work in some Macromedia work – all white backgrounds and minimal movement in the video window being a good start, but what are other neat tricks and rules of thumb?

  • Mike

    And so would I!

  • it’s a niche thing, but i think it’s badly needed. flash developers as a whole don’t have much experience in those kinds of video effects.

  • mutus

    Yes bring it on please! My boss(es) from time to time want to integrate video into web pages. I’ve dabbled in it and had a bit of success but would love to learn more!

  • sgrosvenor

    Well, that looks like a resounding ‘Yes’, time to get writing that article methinks ;-)

  • dengyu_li

    i also think the Effects 6.5 is easy, but you are a clever man to do so! suggest you another good flash video tool that i have used:http://www.51shareware.com/multimedia-design-video/flash-video-mx13973-3.htm

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