Flash Script – Spring Effect

By Georgina Laidlaw

Download the sample files here.

1. Create any object of your choice, and convert it to a movie clip.

2. Give it an instance name of "child1".

3. Right click the movie clip and insert these actions:

onClipEvent (load)  


spring = false;  

startX = _x;  

startY = _y;  

spX = 0;  

spY = 0;  


onClipEvent (mouseDown)  


startDrag ("", true);  

spring = true;  


onClipEvent (mouseUp)  


stopDrag ();  

spring = false;  


onClipEvent (enterFrame)  


//!spring = if false  

if (!spring)  


//code to create the movements  

spX += (startX-_x);  

spY += (startY-_y);  

spX *= .4;  

spY *= .4;  

_x += spX;  

_y += spY;  



5. The script is finished. Press ctrl+enter to test the movie.

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