Flash Player 8 Final released

By Kevin Yank

Particularly if you installed the beta, but also for vastly improved performance, you’ll want to grab the final version of Flash Player 8 as soon as possible.

  • http://www.maxhyatt.com MystaMax

    I tried the beta, but all the content @ sites like cnet.com, and the macromedia site would not show. I don’t get any type of warning or errors. Just empty areas where the flash content should be. Looks like I’ll be using 7 until I figure out whats going on

  • http://www.maxhyatt.com MystaMax

    oh thats in FireFox 1.06, BTW

  • http://www.usebb.net/ PC_Freak

    Hopefully they are going to release a 64-bit version for Linux too. Because I’m still doing without Flash on a 64-bit Firefox, and I don’t like the precompiled 32-bit ones.

  • http://www.maxhyatt.com MystaMax

    aha, I figured it out, and I just to let ya know, it was the FireFox extentsion, Adblock, causing the problem. You have to disable obj-tab option under adblocks extension preferences.

    heres a link to a the posts @ mozillazine that helped me fix it

    hope that helps someone!

  • arctic-flame

    Where’s the link?

  • http://www.sitepoint.com/ Kevin Yank

    Fixed MystaMax’s comment so the link is visible.

  • 64 bibt Linux Flash Player

    There is an online petition running here:


    Sign it and send it along.

  • http://www.brandbuilder.dk romme

    In my opinion, performance is still a bit slow if the Flash 8 swf uses too many filters and a lot of transparency, but it’s gotten better!

  • St. Jimmy

    Thx to MystaMax with the FireFox help

  • Richard Truman

    every body said player 8 these days, if it’s really good, i will try!untill now, i still use quick flash player, seems ok!


  • webdesignerindia

    But sometimes when I opened some flash embeded sites, it asks for flash player 9????



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