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By Jean-Pierre Gassin

Flash Isn’t Dead: 30 Brilliant Flash Websites

By Jean-Pierre Gassin

“Flash is dead” is the refrain we’ve heard thousands of times over the past few years. We’ve had debates on the subject on DesignFestival before. And while it’s certainly been disrupted and is falling out of favor as many designers instead focus on a combination of CSS3 and JavaScript, there are still many modern sites using Flash out there. The simple truth is that many of them look great. Here are 30 fantastic Flash websites that prove whether or not Flash is on its last legs, it’s not dead yet.





Toyota Prius

We Choose The Moon


Scruffs Game

Play Media

Erguvan Platin

Plate Interactive

Pearljam Ten Game

Oasis for Fun

Mood Stream


Miki Mottes

Lucas Arts

Knutsel Wereld


Infinity Art

Hello Voque

Get the Glass

Gilson Music


Youtube – Desperados

Coca Cola

Christmas Tweets

Cheese and Burger

Adobe Museum


Do you have any awesome Flash sites that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!

  • Also look at Piano Fuzz flash website:

  • Leo

    These sites look beautiful but unfortunately, don’t have a mobile version for iOS. I wanted to see how the design would translate in the mobile environment.

    I looked at Sourcebits and Coca Cola.

  • Hello, I am a web designer myself . I love your design templates , they are really eye catchy I am designing one right now

  • Joel

    I like the examples given, especially Star Wars. However, I think some web developers have too much time on their hands or clients have too much money to burn.

    When these eventually get updated to newer technology, I’d like to see side by side comparisons.

  • José


    Not yet, but it will.
    Best regards

  • Thanks for sharing these great examples. Really enjoyed these!

  • waiting…waiting….still loading….waiting. :-(

  • The site’s look very nice but at the end we all know as according to the google webmasters the site’s must with low flash. But i really like designing part showed in all the sites.

  • E.T.

    Samples of great websites using Flash?
    I wouldn’t know ! – I only browse from my IPad so all Flash based sites are dead to me unfortunately :(

  • Each Flash website is a masterpiece:)

  • They all look awesome! But completely invisible to search engines… & with android phones getting more popular, Flash will definitely fade out eventualy.

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