By Harry Fuecks

Firefox 1.0 is Out

By Harry Fuecks

List of mirrors here.

  • Thanks much – downloaded and updated. While I do not use anything other than Safari on my primary OS X machine – my Windows laptop requires Firefox for productive browsing!

  • saltwater

    Yeah, same with me too.

    Safari on the mac

    Firefox on PC

  • Version0-00e

    Going to download it myself now :) With any luck, it’s more stable on Win XP Pro than what F Fox0.6 is just now :(

  • dotBomb

    Been using it and updating with every major update, very pleased with this browser…

    Firefox Rox!


  • Sweet man! ’bout time!

  • Gotta Love it :)

  • doug

    Just an FYI for those that didn’t notice, the link takes you to a CACHED page, which has links to the 0.10 (1.0PR) release. When you connect to a mirror you’ll need to hop up a directory and over to the 1.0 release.

  • Firefox is great isn’t it?!?! :)

  • You know it!

  • :) I’ll have to try it later today;
    I hope all my extentions work for it.

  • blah

    hopefully it doesnt suck as much as the prereleases

  • bolven

    Forefox is really the best browser.

  • Pests

    Today is my birthday. What an awesome time? Halo 2 and Firefox both released. :)

  • I’ve got Firefox on the Macs and the PC’s.
    More better and faster!

  • hanumani


    I also updated (being loyal to the best damn software company today).

    But many of my fav. extensions no longer work… Check compatibility if there are some you just can’t do without.

  • I think the web developer toolbar is worth its weight in gold. It’s just a pity that the browser itself has some fundamental bugs when dealing with CSS. Take a look at for details of a few that I have found.

  • sspivey

    I have version 1 preview release. Do I have to uninstall this ant e4hn intall the newer or will the new install simply upgrade me?

  • Very cool!

  • MiiJaySung

    I can’t live without this browser. It’s so handy and it’s always nice to use the same software regardless if I’m on windows / mac or linux

  • thorbergdt

    yep love Firefox really puts IE in the gutter.

  • Xerxos

    Tony Marston: Next time you accuse Firefox of having some bugs, please read CSS and XHTML specifications first, thanks. I am pretty sure that two of your “bugs” are not bugs at all, for the other one I am just too lazy to look into specifications.

  • I have read the HTML and CSS specifications, and I can find no justification for Firefox’s behaviour. That page renders perfectly in IE and Opera, so either there are bugs in the code, or bugs in the interpretation of the CSS specification.

  • I can’t replace Mozilla with it, one or two very nice features disppeared in Firefox, e.g. a popup window to select user name and password, very convenient.

  • CindyLu

    Have just downloaded it. Am not recieving all the graphics on the web pages? Any Idea why?

  • Shayne

    Nice. Very nice. Firefox renders beautifully and with marginally greater speed than Safari. Media plug-ins appear to work flawlessly and Bookmarks don’t hang before opening, like they do with Safari. Adding search engines is easy too.

    Firfox is my new #1 browser. Safari is backup…IE sucks the left one. But, we knew that.

  • kenny

    seems that CSS and video embed code not functioning very well

  • I’d never even heard of Firefox till two days ago – now I wouldn’t be without it. The extensions and plugins are great. I installed Thunderbird too, and it’s a real nice mailer.

  • Andy Jones

    sspivey, if you have Firefox PR1.0 then you do not need to uninstall it. Just run the update option in Tools/Options.

  • Michal Stankoviansky

    Am I really the only one who is still thinking that the Opera browser is better than Firefox? Firefox is great, 100 times better than MSIE, but I still like Opera better, because of many reasons.

  • Jerry

    I don’t get why people say this browser is so much better than IE. Seriously. I’ve used Firefox and it loads slower than IE, I’ve browsed web pages and they didn’t look right (On IE they looked way better). You might say that Firefox is strict with code, but why be so strict? IE loads faster, web pages look better, and with the new service pack its more secure than ever. I’m totally sure Firefox would have its vulnerabilities if it was used as much as IE. Happy surfing.

  • 1andyw

    The available features are too numerous to study each one. I could use a forum where the different features and extensions are summarized so I would know what I’m missing. I just realized that ftp and tidy are build in’s, for example. Thats two icons I can drop from my desktop. Probably many others, also.

  • Jerry: FF is sooo much better than IE for many many reasons. Here are a few…

    1. Most people (me included) agree that FF is faster than IE, I don’t know what caused it to be slower for you, but it’s reputation for speed still stands.

    2. Pages not looking right are not FF fault, it’s the designers fault. They should be designing with the w3c standards and then changing a few things if they have to for IE.

    3. OK, you know, it would be way cooler if everyone could design their own cars to any size they want, and drive them down the street at 140 MPH. But if everyone is doing something different, you’re going to have some problems. The browsers need to be strict in the way the render HTML. Otherwise, people are going have problems viewing the page. That’s why there is a standard, and IE needs to adhere to it!

    4. How does the number of people using FF relate to whether or not it is secure? It’s either secure or not, and compared to IE, it is very secure! Not to say that it is faultless, it’s made by humans, it’s going to have problems, but it is a whole lot better than IE.

    IMHO, one reason that IE is not as secure as FF, is because IE comes with every single version of windows, so they don’t have to worry about getting more users, they get another user nearly every time someone buys a PC. However, because FF does not have that kind of advantage, they have to be sure to be as fast, secure and usful as they can. IE can just sit there and get more users, FF has to earn them.

    Anyway, that’s enough from me!

  • Jazeps

    Is Mr Fuecks on a vacation? If not, we want more content in the PHP blog ;]
    Whatever is the reason for this break, thanks for writing this far. – the best free PHP tutorials ever.

  • Dilman

    This FIREFOX is the best thing ever! Loads faster and smoother than IE! Looks cleaner and the POP-UP stopper works better right away. Tried all the media sites and works seemlessly, faster and it doesn’t ask me every time it just show it to me, unlike Media player and IE. Microsoft better wake up!!! Stuff like this will slowly strangle the flow!! CONGRADULATIONS TO THESE DEVELOPERS!! WAY TO GO!

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