By Harry Fuecks

Firefox 0.9

By Harry Fuecks

Just in case you hadn’t noticed (come on – it’s been 2 days already! ;) – head to – this time they’ve got mirrors.

More details on the release at Mozillazine.

  • Seinfeld

    check about:config, I think there are a few new options to hack there …

  • Firestorm2003

    Got it already. It’s very good!

  • It’s definately got faster.

  • yea nice browser

  • alain

    Killed all extensions :(
    has already an extension installed (DOM inspector), which can’t be updated nor installed.
    Will wait a few weeks, downgraded again. Maybe it’s different on windows? I use linux…

  • Mh, I’m not totally convinced yet.
    Lately, version 0.8 *always* crashed when I tried to open a thread on the sitepoint forums?!
    Apart from that, I was pleased about the seamless integration of IE favorites and the like.
    But with 0.9, I’m having serious problems. No matter what I do, I can’t get my old bookmarks into the new version (i.e. manually, and believe me, I’ve tried copying them into every imaginable folder). And when I try to run the import wizard, Firefox just crashes. I’ve seen several similar posts on the Mozilla support forums. Maybe they should have done some more testing before releasing the new version?

  • Michael

    You might want to check out the release notes. In the section “Changes You Should Be Aware Of” it lets you know where the new profile directory resides.

  • Betcour

    Odd, I just un-installed 0.8 and installed 0.9, and on startup 0.9 offered to import all my 0.8 settings and bookmarks. Works flawlessly so far :)

  • Jerrett

    Works very nicly, 0.8 had some problems loading some sites, but 0.9 it almost flawless, and much faster. Also i like the nice touches to the GUI.

  • khlo

    I way preferred 0.8 over 0.9. Alot of the people I know have had problems with 0.9 and gone back to 0.8. In fact, 0.9 has probably put some people I know off getting Firefox. Winstripe is not my favourite theme. Getting Qute was one of the first things I did. The updates are nice, the ability to print XUL properly, all good stuff. It’s less stable though, and feels much more like a pre-release.

  • Ubuu

    Will try today

  • TD

    I like 0.9 :) it seems stable enough on my system, and better than 0.8, faster :) although some how feels weak :/ lol

  • Sergeant

    how many % of the users do use Firefox?

    And what about Mozilla?

  • Ian

    Somewhere between 3-6% of web pages are served to Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla, FF, K-meleon etc).

    As for the split between the various gecko browsers, I would guess something like:
    60% Firefox
    30% Mozilla
    10% Other

    Remember also that your typical firefox user will visit more pages per day than your typical IE user.

  • Sergeant

    and why would that be?

  • dokkalfr

    I’m surprised Herry bloged the release of FireFox 0.9 but nothing about PHP5RC3

  • Alex

    Just installed .9 – imported all bookmarks perfectly – plus passwords, history etc. Seems to have eaten my .8 extensions, though. Sure there is info about this in the Moz forums. 0.7 was better than 0.8 – 0.9 seems faster.

  • User69

    0.9 is not an improvement over 0.8! There are a number of weird behaviors. A click of a URL spawns a new browser instance each time regardless of config settings. I will wait for them to fix things before upgrading.

  • Darren

    firefox 0.9.1 has been released. it has several major bug fixes. have a look at

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