Quick tip: Get Firebug to display on jsFiddle

As most JavaScript developers know that jsFiddle is a quick way to share your code snippets online. One thing (I thought) it was missing was some Firebug Integration. If you select jQuery 1.7x (or such) there is no option for Firebug.


But if you choose jQuery (edge) it appears! Simple, tick Firebug (lite) then click run.


What is jQuery (edge)?

Be aware that jQuery (edge) is the jQuery nightly build from github so be aware it might produce unexpected results if you are expecting to use other versions of jQuery.

This is the link that jsfiddle uses: http://code.jquery.com/jquery-git.js
Here is the direct link from github: https://github.com/jquery

Hope this helps someone who didn’t know it was there.