By Jennifer Farley

FineTuna: A Handy Collaboration Tool For Designers

By Jennifer Farley

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how you can use the Photoshop Notes tool to collaborate and share your images. If you’re not using Photoshop and you’d like to do something similar, then FineTuna is the web app for you.


So how does it work? Well it couldn’t be simpler. You pick an image from your computer or an image on the web, upload it and add some of your comments. Now you either send your image and comments on by email or you can copy and paste a link to a client or friend.

Taking a closer look at the interface, when you upload your image, it will appear onscreen with a couple of options on the toolbar along the top. You can drag the image around, and one feature that I really love is the ability to draw or scribble on to your image. Great for quickly circling areas on the image or doodling arrows.


You can add notes by clicking on the Note button, which opens a small speech bubble where you add your notes. Click Save and voila! Notes added.

Think about the time you could save getting feedback on a logo, for instance. And without having to see the client face to face or go back and forth with what can sometimes seem like endless emails. It’s very quick and very easy.

FineTuna is also available as a Firefox extension. Once the plugin is installed, you can send an image for review or a screengrab of an entire web page by right-clicking on the image or page. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

There is no sign-up involved with FineTuna, it is completely free, there are no ads and I would say a “must be bookmarked”, genuinely useful app for designers.

Have you tried out this app or anything similar? Did you find it useful?

  • Ardi

    Is it me or the picture that i just got in my email is different from the one that i already add a note in it??

  • falcon505

    I thought – WOW that could be handy! So I gave it a whirl and it e-mailed me the incorrect image. It retained all the notes and annotations, however they were on someone else’s image. Could be a little bit of a security issue there if you were doing redesigns of a big site and they got leaked to your competition…

  • Hodgeman

    Kind of like

  • Sorry guys. Fine tuna in throwing errors at the moment. Please hold on while we track down the cause and get it sorted. Terrible timing ;(

  • p.vernooij

    @falcon505 same here…

  • Pong

    works fine for me.
    definitely will use it…

  • +++++++ FINETUNA FIXED AND LIVE +++++++

    Thanks for trying it out guys and your patience. The issue is solved and Finetuna is running as it should.
    If you do spot anything please give me a shout at info AT finetuna DOT com .

    @Hodgeman Similar concept however Finetuna is focusing more on the simple. Less features, less clutter, more speed. No sign up or account is needed. Think TinyURL but for design feedback :)

  • Loaded nice and fast but I was quickly disappointed when I found out that I couldn’t erase stuff I had drawn with the draw tool.

  • Hi ETbyrne, holding down the [SHIFT] key turns the pen tool into an erasure.


  • keith5885

    Cool and useful but when I copy and paste url to give to others they do not see the notes or drawing… just the image… shouldn’t it save them? Is there a save button I am missing? Do i need to email it?

  • keith5885

    Look you can guess at changing the url and send notes as if you were others. Not very secure… but that makes it easier to use I guess.

    I noticed the notes have to be saved and sent before new url can be used.

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