Find the Perfect App with

Alyssa Gregory

I’m a bit of an app addict. I love testing out new tools, trying new solutions to everyday problems, and comparing the pros and cons of each app I try. I’ve found some true gems in my app testing and research. And even when a new app doesn’t exactly hit the mark for me, it teaches me something about what I’m looking for and helps me fine-tune my search.

In the past, I’ve typically found apps in one of two ways — a new app builds a buzz and I’m inspired to test it out, or I’m looking for something very specific. The challenge always comes in the second situation. As much as I love Google, it isn’t always effective at finding a specific app, especially one that may be new on the scene and not quite Google-friendly yet.

This is where app search tools comes in. One place to find an app for your business, whether you have a hankering to try something new or are looking to fill a specific need, is is basically a search engine and marketplace for business apps. You can use the site to find, compare and choose from over (currently) 4,000 applications. If you’re an application developer, you can list your app to be found by interested buyers.

Users can browse available apps by business need, industry, IT needs, services and platform, and search for a specific app in any of those categories as well. also provides an Evaluation Center that includes reports and interviews from industry executives on the apps. Plus, each app includes user reviews and a look at the developer’s social stats with a count of Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

The collection is growing, and it’s easy to find apps in a number of business-related areas. I’ve already found two new services to try for a reader survey I’m including in my next newsletter. And it only took me five minutes.

Where do you go when you are in the market for a new app?