Stuck In A Rut? 20 Places to Find Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Alyssa Gregory

stuck-in-a-rutHave you ever been in the middle of a big project or new business venture when you hit a brick wall? It has happened to me on many occasions. One thing I frequently do when I get stuck with a project, on a problem or with new business endeavor, is to take a break and spend some time finding some business inspiration. It’s amazing how catching up on business news, hearing about the success of others and finding some new sources of inspiration can jog your brain and get you back on the path of creating, developing, doing and collaborating.

Here are 20 of my favorite places to go for entrepreneurial inspiration.

Business Magazines

Fast Company – Focuses on the economy and workplace for high performers with human values.

Home Business Magazine – A magazine for home-based entrepreneurs, business owners, people who work from home and telecommuters.

Inc. – Articles and resources for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Success Stories, Small Business Success Stories – More than 60 success stories from small businesses all over the world., Success Stories – A collection of small business success stories separated by categories such as retail, e-business, service-oriented business, etc., Business Success Case Studies – Six pages of inspiring case studies demonstrating success in small business.

Business Blogs Entrepreneurs – News, tips and advice for focused on entrepreneurship. – How-to advice and commentary from various business experts.

Blog Maverick – A good variety of business-related posts by Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks and chairman of HDNet.

Duct Tape Marketing – Small business marketing ideas and strategies from John Jantsch. – Breaking news and features of interest to small business owners.

Richard Edelman – Richard Edelman shares his PR expertise through posts about PR, marketing, leadership and more.

Scobeleizer – Robert Scoble’s thoughts on social media and the future of the Web.

Seth Godin – Marketing observations and insights by Seth Godin.

Business Quotes

Business Urge, Famous Business Quotes – Separated by category, such as inspirational, motivational and leadership.

Customer Service Point, Customer Service Quotes – A collection of inspiring quotes related to customer service.

HeartQuotes, Teamwork Quotes
– A list of quotes and proverbs about teamwork.

The Attitude Doc, Positive Attitude Quotes – A collection of quotes about the importance of a positive attitude.

The Quote Garden, Business Quotes – A small collection of quotes by a number of well-known business people.

Woopidoo, Business and Finance Inspiration
– Includes quotes divided by subject and author, as well as articles and inspirational biographies.

Where do you find inspiration for your business when you need a boost?

Image credit: Nico Van Diem