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You know what it’s like. You’re close to finishing a project you’ve worked on for months, but there’s something lacking. The basic elements are in place, and you’re happy with the design, but it’s missing something.

There are plenty of places to find assets to take your site to the next level — font repositories, stock image sites and places to grab free graphics. But for projects that demand something a bit more hand-crafted than what a Flickr Creative Commons search turns up, you really need more of a connection with the designers themselves, and that usually costs you a bit of cash.

Or, to take it from the other side: you’re a designer, typographer or theme developer, and in your time off from work you create your own stuff for fun. But then you realize that this stuff is worth putting out into the world. So you’re looking for a creative platform where you can display your wares, keep control of your work, and know you’ll be treated fairly.

If either of those scenarios sound familiar to you, consider opting for a better option: a marketplace. Creative Market, to be specific.

Creative Market is a place for web developers to find the assets and design resources they need and for designers, photographers, typographers and theme developers to share their work and get paid.


There are plenty of fonts, graphics, stock photos and themes, available from as little as $2. The site also offers monthly bundles, worth at least $1000, available for $39 (more on that below).

Creative Market takes care of credit card fees and delivery logistics, but doesn’t interfere with your work by reviewing your products. You’ll keep 70% of each sale.

You can also become a partner, and earn 10% of any purchases made by customers you refer to the site.

More than 700,000 creatives are part of the community, which extends beyond commerce into vibrant discussions, with designers sharing their stories.

Creative Market’s February Big Bundle

Creative Market’s February Big Bundle is massive, with 62 products worth more than $1200 available for $39. It’s available from February 10 to 17, and features cool stuff like the various products below.

HIPSTER SET Vol. 1 — 36 High-resolution images of various hipster essentials.
HIPSTER SET Vol. 1 — 36 High-resolution images of various hipster essentials.

Grandma's Recipes Branding Kit — Just like grandma used to make
Grandma’s Recipes Branding Kit — Just like grandma used to make

For more information or to grab the bundle for yourself, check out the Big Bundle on Creative Market’s site.

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