By Philip Miseldine

Express from Web Matrix

By Philip Miseldine

Mary Jo Foley makes an excellent analysis, as usual, on the new Express range of editions for Visual Studio 2005 which you can download today.

The phenominal success of Web Matrix being available for free download opened ASP.NET up for all with an easy to use editor. Will these Express editions do the same? Download and use, and we’ll all see how popular they become :)

  • Dangermouse

    I like the new tools, they look great, but ill be sticking with web matrix until i upgrade my computer!

  • I’ll be downloading it so I can enter the programming contest at Channel9: Free XBox, XBox Live and special edition Halo 2!

  • Per H

    Just started using the webdev express tool with the SQL server, so nice, and the gui looks just like the webmatrix.

    Very nice to work with already, absolutly a tool I would invest in when it’s released

  • mappenzellar

    I must agree. Its like a mini Visual! The great thing is that it supports code behinds which web matrix does not. It also has a sample site with it which is really nice for someone like me who can just view the source and see whats happening.

  • kuntek

    Does anybody know how much it will cost when the finall release will be out?

  • mappenzellar

    Not a clue but hoping not nearly as much as Visual Studio!

  • I would suspect around the same price as Frontpage, $100 or so.

  • From what I’m hearing it’s in the 75-150$ range. The conundrum is that they want to aim it at the home developer… But not so cheap that businesses’ll switch (or whatnot).

    So they’re trying to price it somewhere in there.

    Personally I think the sub-100$ price range opens up millions of new customers, from a psychological sense. It’s an impulse-buy level. In fact, 60-75$ puts it in video game range… Which has whole other dynamics.

    Very cool. I’m really enjoying VWD Express, VB Express and SQL Express.

  • Really Cool!

    I’ve been playing with the VWD Express since the day it came out and figured I’d reserve my opinion until I had some experience with it. It Rocks!

    I haven’t even really taken ASP.NET 2 out for a spin with it. I’m working with 1 and 1.1 code and it’s really slick.

    The intelliSense is slick and for the most part doesn’t get in the way and the workspace is much better than that of Matrix. Codebehind is great and once you register a user control it becomes part of the IntelliSense and renders correctly in the design view. Slick!

    I’ve been lurking in the code window throughout my testing so I haven’t really tried the design side yet. So far I’ve edited XML, XSL, C# and VB.NET with awsome success.

    Too much fun.

  • web matrix

    web matrix, such a simplified version of visual studio, that you CANNOT find any tutorials or help guides that goes beyond the very very very basic skills of webmatrix

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