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    Remember when Facebook was only starting out? These were the mid-2000s, and online social networking as we know it today was just shaping up. At that time, in 2004, NING came onto the scene as a platform allowing users to build their own customized social networks.

    In its early stages, NING was just an open source toolkit for creating custom social applications. Over time, it acquired a graphical user interface and a decent arsenal of inbuilt features for content sharing and online social interaction.

    After the remarkable popularity surge between 2005 and 2009, NING started to lose its edge due to frequent management changes and high staff turnover. However, in 2013, the company released a next generation social website builder, NING 3.0. The updated platform got plenty of new features aimed at expanding the software functionality and improving the user experience.

    In 2016, the period of internal turmoil for NING was finally over with a new team and management taking the helm. NING started working on further improvements and updates, and began to expand again.

    This year, NING has launched its long-anticipated monetization platform, designed to enable users to make money from their content.

    Monetizing Content with NING

    To satisfy the requirements of a number of its clientele, NING has finally rolled out its e-commerce platform, which is now expected to appeal to the new type of audience – experts and professionals offering valuable knowledge and expertise for money.

    The monetization feature is readily available to all NING users allowing them to make money from their online communities in three different ways:

    1. Paid Access

    The feature is designed for selling digital content on NING social websites. It is the easiest and most effective way to monetize premium content assets without blocking access to the entire network. In this sense, Paid Access works as a barrier preventing unauthorized users from viewing specific content unless they pay for it.

    The feature is great for selling both single content items and bundles (content packages), offering a convenient way to make money online for all who used to share useful and engaging information on the web. It will clearly find lots of appeal among people selling online lessons, training videos, educational materials, podcasts, and other digital goods.

    2. Paid Membership

    The option is ideal for monetizing entire websites. In simple terms, the Paid Membership feature is a paywall that makes entering a website impossible without paying a subscription fee.

    Being a more radical model of online monetization, it makes sense as long as your potential subscribers have a strong incentive to join in, e.g. uniqueness of content, exclusive benefits or a common goal that unites community members.

    Ensuring higher profits for individuals and organizations with a solid reputation and large credit of trust, the Paid Membership feature will be highly appreciated by celebrities, reputable life coaches or mentors, online tutors, industry experts, business consultants, fan club owners, etc.

    3. Donations

    The third and final monetization option offered by NING is for those who’d like to refrain from selling anything to their audience. The Donations feature allows network creators to raise funds for charity purposes or other needs. Users can easily set up donation campaigns and ask their network members (or just website visitors) to support them financially, pitch in a common goal or contribute money for the right cause.

    Paid Access, Paid Membership, and Donations are the pillars of the monetization platform developed by NING. But there are more pleasant surprises to look forward to! Overall, it’s a great solution for everyone planning to start making money online in 2018.

    Looking Into the Future

    NING is a website builder that has been around for more than a decade. Today, NING seems to be stronger than ever before with a new team and management determined to turn the platform into the ultimate website builder for enterprising content creators.

    For all who are contemplating the idea of making money from content, now is the perfect time to take a closer look at NING.