Quick tips

Actually, I have been working toward going green and being more earth-friendly with my business for a while. And since April is Earth Month, I thought Iíd share some of the ways Iím trying to make my business more environmentally conscious. Maybe you can implement a few of these in your own day-to-day activities this month and going forward.

“This is a blockquote, with a right float and a width of 280px. Even this maintains typographical flow!” — Harry Roberts

Working from home, I have complete control over my work environment. Among the benefits of working from home, there are a lot of things I can do to make my home and work environment more earth-friendly. One of the easiest ways is simply turning off the lights and shutting down your equipment (and the surge protector) when youíre not working. This is an easy habit to adopt and then carry throughout all rooms in your home.

In terms of marketing activities, I donít do any physical mailings anymore. Aside from never being very successful for me, mailings use a heck of a lot of resources for a comparatively low response rate. E-mail marketing is less expensive, quicker and less wasteful than direct mail. Sure, you can make the argument that e-mail blasts may waste the time of the recipient, but thatís another issue.

What about online purchases? Do you print all of your receipts from items purchased online? I make close to 100% of my business purchases online, but instead of printing hard copies of receipts, I make them PDFs and file them on my computer. I separate them by month, then at monthís end, I zip up the files and send them to my bookkeeper. I also keep the zipped file archived on my system and as part of my back-up files should I ever need it.

Here are some other green activities Iíve been incorporating in my business to increase my environmental consciousness: