Everything You Always Wanted to Know About HTML5 …

    Louis Simoneau
    Louis Simoneau

    So CSS3 lets you have rounded corners, and HTML5 gives you <header> and <footer> elements. Big whoop. Sometimes it can be hard to get excited about what’s being added to the core web technologies, but Ernest Delgado is here to change that.

    He’s made a slideshow of all the new features in HTML5 (and, playing fast and loose with nomenclature, he takes that term to include CSS 3 and the new JavaScript API features). And boy, if this doesn’t get you fired up about the future of the Web, nothing will. The slideshow itself is a web page built with all the technologies it’s discussing, allowing examples to be embedded right in the slides. It was developed with Chrome in mind, so many of the demoed features still don’t work in Firefox, but more than a few do. Even with Chrome, some of the examples won’t work unless you enable some experimental features, as Ernest explains in the slideshow’s disclaimer.

    There’s client-side storage, geolocation, new form input types, and fan favorites like @font-face and canvas. But that’s not even half of it. Ernest has done an amazing job of clearly explaining all these cool little tidbits with sample code and working examples. You owe it to yourself to check it out, have a play with all the features, and start dreaming about the day when they’re all well supported. To make it even easier to tinker with, the slideshow is hosted as a code repository on Google Code, so you can dive right in and start playing.