By Simon Willison

Essential CSS hacks

By Simon Willison

Doug Bowman: Filtering CSS. Doug introduces a brand new CSS filter, fresh from the mind of Tantek

  • Mojtaba Dashtinejad
    Woow, tnx a lot, i really need css hacks :)

  • I cannot for the life of me understand why you would use client side filtering when it comes to CSS.

    My usual strategi involves identifying the browser by means of the excellent browscap.ini maintained by Gary Keith:

    When doing so, I usually just test to see if the browser is Internet Explorer version “less than 6”, and if so, hand it the “IE box model stylesheet, otherwise I just hand the browser my CSS2 compliant stylesheet.

    This method can easily be used to serve many different stylesheets to many different stylesheets, or if need be, dynamically create the stylesheets on the server, based on the user-agent.

    My 2px.


  • Client-side vs. server-side CSS filtering is certainly something that deserves more discussion. I’ll try to post a proper entry about this some time soon.

  • tomByrer

    IMHO, I don’t agree with the “surgical connection strategy” of linking CSS sheets via another sheet. I’ve seen where Opera forgot a 3rd tier linked .css. Plus it seems one larger style sheet may compress better & perhaps be faster for the browsers’ rendering than several smaller ones.

    Morgan, you make a good point. I can go pro & con on both sides of the fence, but Simon gets first swing :)

  • Personnaly, I use this hack for IE:

    And for IE 5.5:

    So, no more hack of the death that use parser bug to work :)

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