By Andrew Neitlich

Essential Business Reading

By Andrew Neitlich

Thanks to Derrick, who suggested a blog about essential management books for web designers, especially those just starting out.

A list follows. It emphasizes old-fashioned approaches to management, the tried and true, as these have made all the difference to me. Please post your additions, with a brief reason why you recommend it. That way, this site can have one location with some great book suggestions.

Marketing and Sales:


The Web Design Business Kit, Brendon Sinclair. Where else can you get a marketing and sales book for web designers, written by a successful web designer?

The IT Business Acceleration Manual, yours truly. See the following Sitepoint link for a comparison with Brendon

  • Thanks for posting Andrew.

  • How ’bout, “How to Become a Rainmaker” by Jeffrey J. Fox? My bible.

  • Bart N.

    Great post, I’m definitely going to get me some of those.

  • Derek Sheppard

    Other usefull stuff, specifically for service professionals/consultants:

    Get Clients Now by C. J. Hayden

    Marketing Your Services by Anthony Putnam

    Selling Your Services by Robert Bly

    How to Get Clients by Jeff Slutsky

    Live Rich by Stephan Pollan

  • Thanks for the info. I am considering one.

  • Perhaps you should post a good book on learning how to speed read. :)

    Thanks for the list. Much appreciated.

  • Jon Morrow

    For the designer or programmer that is shellshocked by their first run at sales, I recommend The Accidental Salesperson. It condenses sales into a simple, procedural and often effective process. Then, you can move onto more advanced books like SPIN Selling and the Sales Bible.

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