Episode 3: “One of these things…”

By Jacob Kaplan-Moss

This week’s question is a bit more straightforward that the previous ones. There’s less of a “point” to these questions; they’re more of a trivia contest. I think they’re fun — and tricky — so let’s see how it goes.

In “one of these things is not like the other” style, for each group below tell me which item doesn’t belong, and (more importantly) why:

1. Specifications:

  1. WSDL
  2. Atom Publishing Protocol
  3. RDF
  4. WS-Policy

2. HTTP methods:

  1. GET
  2. PUT
  3. POST
  4. HEAD

3. MD5 hashes:

  1. f97c5d29941bfb1b2fdab0874906ab82
  2. d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
  3. 35d6d33467aae9a2e3dccb4b6b027878
  4. 0495651fa03c897470784990f33d86cd

4. Programming languages:

  1. Erlang
  2. Ada
  3. Haskell
  4. Python

5. HTML 4 elements:

  1. <Q>
  2. <U>
  3. <I>
  4. <A>

As usual, tune in this weekend for the answers.

Got a question of your own?

If you’ve got a question, puzzle, or challenge that you think would make a good question for this quiz, email me at jacob -at- jacobian.org. If I use your question in a future quiz, I’ll even send you a nice little present…

  • http://www.realityedge.com.au mrsmiley

    1. D – Its not a publishing format
    2. D – Its not a valid value as a form ACTION attribute (ie HTTP request method)
    3. Still working on this one
    4. D – People still use Python and you are more likely to find it on a shared host :)
    5. A – Q isn’t supported by all browsers, the other tags are

  • http://www.realityedge.com.au mrsmiley

    3. D – You cant find it on Google

  • boomsb

    I was thinking
    5. B—It’s depreciated

  • http://www.realityedge.com.au mrsmiley

    The thing about 5 I can remember is that there a few people around complaining that IE still doesn’t have support for the Q element even with the v7 release. If B were deprecated, then I think you would need to apply the same logic to C and I think you are supposed to use EM over I and STRONG over B.

    Still, regardless of the reason, it’s a bit of light hearted fun.

  • Rick O

    For #2, I would say that B (PUT) is the odd-man-out, as all of the others are HTTP/1.0, while PUT is HTTP/1.1. (Yes, some 1.0 clients implemented it, and it is mentioned briefly in the spec, but it wasn’t official.)

    For #4, I would say that B (Ada) is the answer. Ada uses a Pascal/C-like syntax and is procedural, while the others are Python-like and functional.


  • http://www.sitepoint.com/ Kevin Yank

    This is my favourite of the quiz questions so far, Jacob. So much fun!

  • http://www.sitepoint.com/ mmj

    Q1: B
    Atom is the only format not to have been submitted to the W3C. (not sure about this one)

    Q2: D
    HEAD is the only method that will never result in a message body being returned.

    Q5: B
    <u> is the only tag not valid in HTML 4.01 strict.

    For Q3 I’ll have to go with mrssmiley’s answer and for Q4 I’ll have to go with Rick O’s.

  • kasimir

    Q1: B, non w3c
    Q2; C, POST is not idempotent

  • Mindaugas

    Q3: B is MD5 hash of empty string.

  • Phil M

    If B were deprecated, then I think you would need to apply the same logic to C and I think you are supposed to use EM over I and STRONG over B.

    I’d just like to mention that <b> and <i> are both valid xhtml1.1 strict. They serve a different purpose to <strong> and <em> being used for basic presentation rather than semantic purposes.

  • HardCoded

    1. B: APP is not XML (Atom is)
    2. A: GET is the only one a browser can send without using a form.
    3. B: Mindaugas got it: empty string
    4. D: Python is interpreted
    5. D: A is the only element that has a default behaviour (as opposed to default presentation).

  • http://www.xhtmlcoder.com/ xhtmlcoder

    Question 5: they are all available in HTML 4 and are inline elements (the question never mentioned XHTML)

    Q: is not correctly rendered by MSIE as visual user agents must ensure that the content of the Q element is rendered with delimiting quotation marks.

    U: a presentational element was deprecated in favour of CSS due to usability issues.

    I: basically presentational in most senses and usually CSS can be used in place of.

    A: is the odd one out. As it can’t be substituted and performs a hyperlink function plus it cannot be nested unlike the other three.

    There you have it the Anchor.

  • http://chris.unigliding.co.uk Stormrider
  • http://chris.unigliding.co.uk Stormrider

    Whoops!! Didn’t realise HTML was on in this :)

    For question 5…

    <q> – not supported properly in all browsers (*COUGH* Internet Explorer *COUGH*)

    <u> — only one that is deprecated

    <a> – behavioral as well as presentational, the others are presentational only

    So, give the above, I reckon <i> is the odd one out, being the only one not to have a reason for being the odd one out :D:D:D

  • ubernostrum

    I *told* you some of these were ambiguous ;)



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