Collins Agbonghama, Dec 08

All I Want for Christmas: Sendy

As part of our Christmas giveaway series, Agbonghama Collins took email marketing service Sendy for a spin — and we have five more licenses to give away.
Charles Costa, Nov 08

The Myths of Email Marketing

There are many myths surrounding best practices in email marketing. Charles exposes a few of these and explains that what works for you is most important.
Design & UX
Massimo Cassandro, Oct 06

Crash Course: Building an Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are a powerful medium but require a different set of skills. Massimo gives you some useful pointers to get started.
Jacco Blankenspoor, Sep 05

Campaign Monitor's Canvas: Email Design Made Easy

Email design is hard, particularly when you have to target different devices. Jacco takes a look at Campaign Monitor's intuitive new tool: Canvas.
Ryan Manwiller, Aug 14

Accentuate Your Message with this Clean and Simple MailChimp Template

Graphics-laden emails make your marketing less effective. Here's how to create a minimal HTML MailChimp template that helps you connect with your readers.
Design & UX
Lauren Ribando, Aug 11

Rules for Best Practice Email Design: Content

In the second part of her best practice email series, Lauren focuses on the payload of your email. What are the keys to crafting a great message?
Josh Earl, Jul 08

How to Grow Your Email List with Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Twitter lead generation cards let people sign up for your email list with a single click, which means you'll grow your email list faster.