Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, May 04

3 Ways Designers Can Earn Money Without Designing

Freelance Designer is a cool title, but it's not all high-fives and long macchiatos. Daniel has three handy ways designers can earn money.
Joshua Kraus, Apr 28

Make Money With ClickBank 2015 Affiliate Guide

With the right product and the right strategy, ClickBank can help you turn a sizable profit. Make Money With SitePoint's ClickBank 2015 Affiliate Guide.
Khurram Aziz, Feb 03

How to Negotiate a Higher Freelance Rate

Setting and negotiating rates can seem like one of the toughest parts of being a freelancer. Here's how to make sure you get paid what you're worth!
Kerry Butters, Jan 22

Other Ways to Make Money as a Freelancer

Freelancing can be tough! But there are ways in which you can supplement your income so that perhaps you don’t have to work quite so hard just to survive.
Chris Ward, Jan 12

Do You Need an API?

Do you need an API? What even is an API? Chris Ward walks us through the answers to help you in your decision of whether to head down the API path.
Design & UX
Ada Ivanoff, Jan 07

3 Painfully Public Site Redesign Disasters

While it's easy to snicker at big site redesign disasters, the most useful thing is to try to figure out where it all went wrong -- and why.
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, Dec 23

Push It! Making Your CTA Buttons More Clickable

Whether it's article links, signups, or sales, most sites live and die on their ability to coerce clicks. Gabrielle breaks down the DNA of a good button
Alexis Ulrich, Dec 15

Ad Blockers: Don't Fight Them; Understand Them

Alexis Ulrich looks at some of the controversies surrounding ad blocking software and what you can do to maximize your revenue despite them.
Dave Albert, Dec 12

Your App Failed Because People Forgot about It

Your great app launched well and then your users forgot about it. Dave Albert looks at tips and advice on how to keep your users coming back.
Craig Buckler, Dec 10

Boost Traffic and Conversions with Website Wisdom

Raw data from website analytics does not help you understand the visitors who influence those figures. Craig looks at Ptengine - a service which could lead to website enlightenment!
Ada Ivanoff, Nov 26

3 Risks When Growing Your Business

Growing your business might seem like the path to success but as Ada Ivanoff explains, there can be many downsides to business growth.
John Tabita, Nov 10

8 Cold Calling Tips

Cold calling can be brutal, but it can be a great way to get yourself in front of that dream client. John runs us through 8 tips to make a good cold call.
Jacco Blankenspoor, Oct 23

Keep Your Sales Funnel From Leaking, Even on the Move

Jacco Blankenspoor explains the value of a CRM, and how to set up Insightly to help you manage customers on the go.
Adam Roberts, Oct 16

Share Your Christmas Wishes and Win!

Let us know what you'd like for Christmas and go into the draw to win a free year at Learnable, our learning platform.
Glenn Goodrich, Oct 07

Buy Time with the Braintree SDK

Ruby editor Glenn Goodrich explains how to integrate Braintree's new SDK into a Rails app, to make accepting payments even easier.
Javier Sanz, Sep 23

Stripe on Steroids: 11 Ways to Supercharge Your Online Store

Javier Sanz details 11 enhancements for e-commerce, built on top of the Stripe API
Design & UX
Kerry Butters, Aug 26

Designers Must-Reads #2: Web Designer’s Success Guide

Lots of us go into freelancing with neat design skills but little else. Kerry reviews a book written to fill in the gaps 'Web Designer’s Success Guide'.
Michelle Nickolaisen, Aug 19

Freelancers: Bad Time Estimates Are Killing Your Profits

Bad time estimates are a major reason why many freelancers are overworked and underpaid. This step-by-step plan will help you earn a liveable wage.
Design & UX
Annarita Tranfici, Aug 12

Neurology & User Behavior: What We Know

We all like to think we're wise, deep thinkers when it comes to decision making. Annarita peeks into the brains behind the user behaviour we see.
Jaana Kulmala, Jul 22

SaaS Owners: 3 Essential Metrics to Save Your Sanity

There are dozens of SaaS metrics you could track to measure the health of your business. Feeling overwhelmed? Start with these three.
Khurram Aziz, Jun 25

What Is the Best Ad Server for Your Site?

Ad servers are are one of the most versatile ways to monetize your website. The best ad server for you depends on factors like price and ease of use.
Design & UX
Shaumik Daityari, May 28

5 Tools for Creating Simple, Attractive Invoices

Sometimes you aren't looking for a full-features accounting package. Shaumik walks us through five tools that can deliver simple, attractive invoices.
Charles Costa, Apr 28

Crowdfunding a Software Project

Should you use crowdfunding to raise money for your software project? It can be done, but a few caveats apply.
Jacco Blankenspoor, Apr 11

3 A/B Testing Tools Compared

An analysis of the features of 3 different A/B testing tools: Optimizely, Visual Webite Optimizer, and a free tool provided as part of Google Analytics.