Craig Buckler, May 28

Why Your Site is Now Illegal in Europe

If you're using Google Analytics, cookies or other tracking technologies, you're probably operating illegally within Europe. Craig looks at the legislation, it's consequences and suggests practical steps you can take today.
John Tabita, Jan 02

Retaining the Copyright: Protecting Yourself or Holding the Client Hostage?

How far should you go in retaining the rights to what you've designed, built, or coded? Is retaining the copyright merely protecting yourself, or is it holding your client hostage?
John Tabita, Nov 13

Partnerships: Boon or Ruin for Your Business?

A partnership gone bad can make you wish you’d never gone into business. Yet, the right partner can take your business to places you'd never get to on your own. John Tabita weighs in on this all-important topic.
Craig Buckler, Oct 31

Marketing Mistakes: Opt-in vs Opt-out Checkboxes

Craig discusses why pre-ticked opt-in checkboxes have been banned in the EU and why they've never worked.
Chris Gatewood, Nov 07

Fake User Profiles: Free Speech or Defamation?

How closely are you monitoring the user-generated content being published on your portfolio of sites? In this article, Chris explores the ramifications of hosting content that is defamatory, and how to avoid paying a price for the right to do so.
Blane Warrene, Mar 09

Open Source Licensing

Blane Warrene, Mar 09

Navigating Open Source Licensing

The decision to use an open source license can plunge Web professionals into a mire of patent, trademark and copyright law. In this expose, Blane speaks with Eric Raymond, cofounder of the Open Source Initiative, in an effort to untangle the complexities of open source licensing.
Blane Warrene, Oct 26

Open Source Licensing Breakdown

Blane Warrene, Aug 20

Interview - Rob Kasunic, US Copyright Office

The Internet has taken intellectual property and copyright law and turned it on its head. Blane talks with principal legal advisor to the US Copyright Office, Rob Kasunic, about the role of copyright, the problems of international digital copyright infringement, and more.
Dillian Thomas, Feb 04

Sabotage! Coping With The Joe Job

The Joe Job is a form of Website sabotage used by vindictive visitors or competitors. As your site becomes more successful, you become more vulnerable. Dillian leverages his own bitter experience in this step-by-step guide to recovering from a Joe Job attack.
Janet Langjahr, Mar 28

Logic Sold Separately - Legal Issues for Developers

Does your code belong to you? Or your client? Freelance and contract development situations can leave Web developers open to expensive legal battles. Janet explains how to protect your rights!
Judith Silver, Nov 18

Legal Issues for eCommerce Business

Starting an ecommerce business can be a legal minefield. Fortunately, Judith's put together this guide to the key legal issues you should consider - it's a must-read for any ecommerce entrepreneur.
Judith Silver, Sep 16

Site Use Agreements - Is Your Site Safe?

A site use agreement can save you from litigation by site users - but only if it's written the right way. Judith shows what should be included, and how an agreement can protect you.
Judith Silver, Aug 19

Is Your Company Name Legal?

Business names, domain names, trade names, trademarks - where does it end? Judith has the answers in this down-to-earth guide to selecting a name for your company.
Oleg Krogius, Aug 07

Design Theft - The Webmaster's Recourse

Has your site been ripped? Design theft may be common, but you *can* fight it! Oleg explains how to solve the problem cheaply - and his handy email templates will help you see justice done.
Judith Silver, Jul 15

The 10 Confidentiality Commandments

New ideas need protection. As a business owner, it's critical that you know how much to say - and when to shut up! Judith outlines 10 essential rules for protecting your ideas.
Judith Silver, Jun 10

Contracts of Employment - What They Mean to You

Hiring and firing is tricky business! What are your rights as an employee, a contractor, or the boss? A contract will clear the air, as Judith explains...
Judith Silver, May 27

Software Legalities Part 2 - Software Escrow

What is software escrow? Judith explains the concept in simple terms - and shows how it can protect your business.
Judith Silver, Apr 29

Service Agreements Simplified

Judith takes the confusion out of service contracts and service level agreements with this clear explanation of the facts. A must-read for entrepreneurs!
Judith Silver, Apr 15

Intellectual Property Primer

What IS Intellectual Property anyway? Judith explains the three kinds of IP - patents, copyright, and trademarks - and what they mean to you.
Michael Tuck, Dec 10

Daylight Robbery! The Legal and Illegal Use of Web Graphics

Almost every Web designer has had their work copied at some stage. But what are the legalities of Web graphics - their creation and use? Mike reveals all...
Ivan Hoffman, BA, JD, Sep 12

The Need for a Written Website Contract

A written agreement is essential if you pay others to design, build or maintain your Websites. Ivan explains the necessity of contracts to those who work on the Web.
Ivan Hoffman, BA, JD, Aug 14

Who Owns the Copyright to Your Website?

Those who worked on your site each own rights to their contributions. Ivan argues the case for specifying copyright ownership up front, to help you protect your investment.
Lawrence Rosen, May 23

General Public License, Explained

Whether you're a software provider, IT manager, or attorney advising clients on Open Source software, you must understand the General Public License (GPL). Larry explains its intricacies...