Paul Boag, Feb 26

Do You Really Need an App for That?

First everybody wanted a website. Then along came Flash and so people wanted a Flash site. Now everybody wants a mobile app. But do they really need one?
Chris Ward, Feb 17

Finovate 2015, the Part Mobile is Playing in Fintech

Chris Ward reports back from Finovate 2015 in London to discover the part that mobile is playing in FinTech.
Darren DeMatas, Feb 14

Why Podcast Promotion Is The Fastest Way To Build An Audience

The best time to start anything is yesterday. The next best time is today. If you've got a podcast, put these promotion tips to use today!
Charles Costa, Feb 10

The Trends for Wearable Device Development from CES 2015

Now CES is well and truly over, Charles Costa takes a moment to reflect on the trends that emerged for wearble application developers.
Adam Roberts, Feb 03

Want to Level Up Your Career? Try Coding School

Learning to code is hugely valuable, but not everyone learns best from books or videos. If that's you, here's a look at another option: a coding bootcamp
Khurram Aziz, Feb 03

How to Negotiate a Higher Freelance Rate

Setting and negotiating rates can seem like one of the toughest parts of being a freelancer. Here's how to make sure you get paid what you're worth!
Charles Costa, Jan 28

Conducting User Interviews That Will Actually Help You

Unless you pick the brains of your users during product development you're going to be flying blind. Charles explains how to properly interview your users.
Aurelio De Rosa, Jan 23

5 Mistakes Job Candidates Make

So, you've done well enough to make it to the interview stage, don't blow it now! Aurelio covers 5 mistakes for job candidates to avoid.
Fax Quintus, Jan 23

How Fast Food Packaging Influenced Mobile Virtual Reality

Fax Quintus tells us the story of how his startup came up with the software and hardware to make mobile Virtual Reality… A Reality.
Kerry Butters, Jan 22

Other Ways to Make Money as a Freelancer

Freelancing can be tough! But there are ways in which you can supplement your income so that perhaps you don’t have to work quite so hard just to survive.
Aurelio De Rosa, Jan 20

5 Mistakes Job Interviewers Make

Don't risk missing the perfect candidate by making one of these mistakes. Aurelio De Rosa runs us through common areas where interviewers can go wrong.
Charles Costa, Jan 15

Important Software Development Trends in 2015

Charles Costa discusses some must-know trends for software development professionals in 2015 that he picked up at CEA Innovate 2014.
Chris Ward, Jan 12

Do You Need an API?

Do you need an API? What even is an API? Chris Ward walks us through the answers to help you in your decision of whether to head down the API path.
Piotr Pawlak, Jan 09

Creating Native Apps with Kinetise, a Promising New SaaS

Piotr Pawlak walks us through a promising new SaaS that helps entrepreneurs build native apps with a simple point and click interface.
Kerry Butters, Jan 08

Dublin Web Summit: From Code Review Apps to Standing Desks

Kerry Butters reviews the Dublin Web Summit where she learnt about the latest innovations in the tech industry from software through to physical products.
Charles Costa, Dec 24

Will an Accelerator Help or Hurt Your Startup?

Charles Costa discusses how an accelerator works and how they can be helpful, but also may hurt your startup.
Jordan Morgan, Dec 22

8 Steps to Take Before You Start Coding Your next iOS App

Jordan Morgan outlines the steps you should consider before embarking on your next iOS app.
Charles Costa, Dec 17

What Makes a Successful Startup?

Charles Costa delves into the elements of a successful startup. Yes, there can be luck involved but ultimately it's how you shape the team around you.
Nick Coad, Dec 01

Life as a Sole Web Developer

Nick Coad offers advice for web developers working on their own in a larger company, among people who often don't understand their world.
Ada Ivanoff, Nov 26

3 Risks When Growing Your Business

Growing your business might seem like the path to success but as Ada Ivanoff explains, there can be many downsides to business growth.
Michelle Nickolaisen, Nov 19

KPIs for Freelancers

As the old management saying goes: “What gets measured, grows.” Freelancers are notorious for being less-than-organized. Setting KPIs can help you to grow.
Michelle Nickolaisen, Nov 18

Video: How to Build a Freelance Business in 90 Days

In this screencast Michelle Nickolaisen how to get your freelance business up and running in 90 days.
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, Nov 11

Review: Top 5 Web-based Presentation Tools Compared

The rise of a new breed of free web-based presentation tools has freed us from reliance on Powerpoint and Keynote. Gabrielle compares the best 5.
John Tabita, Nov 10

8 Cold Calling Tips

Cold calling can be brutal, but it can be a great way to get yourself in front of that dream client. John runs us through 8 tips to make a good cold call.