Ryan Stewart, Jul 31

Hack Your Productivity With These 9 Gmail Tips

Email is a total time suck. Hack your productivity by optimizing your Gmail inboxes with these 9 Gmail tips and tricks.
Laura Busche, Jul 30

Social Media Management App Showdown: Buffer vs Hootsuite

So what's better: Buffer or Hootsuite? Read this blog post and infographic to find out which social media management is better than the other.
Lauren Holliday, Jul 29

How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

Have you wondered how to make your blog post go viral? You're in luck because I just packed this blog post with the best content distribution tactics today.
Aja Frost, Jul 24

15 Highly Effective Twitter Brand Bios

Crafting a Twitter bio can be hard, especially because you must describe your company in so few characters. Here's how to craft a winning brand Twitter bio.
Aja Frost, Jul 23

12 Best Slack Communities for Every Professional

Slack is more than a team chat. It's also a great community for professionals. Join one or all of these 12 Slack communities.
Laura Elizabeth, Jul 21

Should You Develop a Desktop or Web App?

Should you develop a web, desktop or hybrid app for your startup? That is the question Laura dives into and answers in this post.
Aja Frost, Jul 20

The Definitive Guide to Podcasts

In this definitive guide to podcasts, you'll learn how to make a killer podcast to market your business and teach your audience stuff they don't know.
Joshua Kraus, Jul 16

Problem Hunt: Solving The Problem of Finding A Problem

The best products solve a problem, and a new site helps entrepreneurs find great problems worth solving.
Joshua Kraus, Jul 13

The Ultimate Guide to Online Communities for Entrepreneurs

Every successful entrepreneur needs help. Join one or all of these online communities and broaden your mind to new strategies, technologies,and key people.
Luke Moulton, Jul 09

How to Build a Targeted Email List With Facebook and Quizzes

In this post, you will learn how I quickly and affordably built an email list creating a simple quiz and promoting it via a Facebook Ad campaign.
Lauren Holliday, Jul 07

How to Get Ideas: A Proven Framework for Success

There is a proven technique for producing great ideas. This guide will teach you how to get ideas through by using a proven framework.
Lauren Holliday, Jul 06

How to Deal With Slow Times at Work

Are you noticing you have a bunch of free time that you don't know what to do with? Then this post is for you. Learn 9 tasks to keep you busy.
Lauren Holliday, Jul 03

Confessions of a SitePoint Editor

I've read more bad writing than good writing, and significantly more bad pitches than good pitches. Here is what you can do to get published, from an editor
Paul Jarvis, Jun 15

How to Work Content Marketing Like Paul Jarvis

This post is a content marketing how to that was written by Paul Jarvis and originally published on his Medium blog.
Ophelie Lechat, Jun 11

A One-Month Break from Customer Support, For Free

There are three factors to customer satisfaction: quality, consistency and scale. That matters across the board: from your product itself to how your team addresses support. If you run a business, customer support is either a highlight of your day, or a huge contributor to the background anxiety that often fuels passionate work. You love your customers, and want to give each request personal attention, as soon as possible! You also love your business and need to focus on the million other tasks on your to-do list. So, too often, the support queue grows, and you know that, at some point, you’ll have to apologize for the late reply. Influx was born out of the SitePoint Group to help with exactly that. Our new sister company does this by providing high-quality responses that scale up (or down!) based on your support volume. Best of all, your customers have their queries answered within 5 hours regardless of where they are in the world. You have round-the-clock monitoring for your servers (right?), so why not do the same for your customers? Here at SitePoint, we’ve been using Influx as part of our customer support team for Learnable, our learning platform, and the experience has been fantastic. Within our first month of using Influx, we cut our average response time in half (to less than 12 hours) while attaining a 100% customer satisfaction rating. As a bonus, our collective stress levels have lowered, too — I’m no longer anxiously looking at our support queue several times a night. To share the love, we’ve struck a deal with Influx to offer 100 SitePoint readers a full month of customer support for free. Fill out the form below to claim your spot:
Eric Siu, Jun 11

Infographic: Are You a Victim of "The Struggle?"

Are you feeling burnt out or disheartened about your business? You are not the only one. This infographic details The Struggle and tips for managing it.
Joshua Kraus, May 26

4 Passive Income Streams to Generate More Revenue

Generating passive income requires investing money, time, or both upfront to reap long-term financial benefits.
Ryan Johnson, May 19

Make More Money Online With Internet Explorer

Learn how Ryan generated an extra $34,000 per month for his client by running these custom report templates on the top used browsers of their site visitors.
Joshua Kraus, May 18

The Art Of The Side Project: A Conversation With Shane Labs

What's it like to work a full-time job while developing web development projects on the side? Shane Labs, founder of Side Project Profit, explains.
Richa Jain, May 07

The SitePoint Guide to Personal Branding

Are you sick of selling yourself to clients? Invest in personal branding, and you won't have to do that anymore.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, May 04

3 Ways Designers Can Earn Money Without Designing

Freelance Designer is a cool title, but it's not all high-fives and long macchiatos. Daniel has three handy ways designers can earn money.
Joshua Kraus, Apr 28

Make Money With ClickBank 2015 Affiliate Guide

With the right product and the right strategy, ClickBank can help you turn a sizable profit. Make Money With SitePoint's ClickBank 2015 Affiliate Guide.
Joshua Kraus, Apr 20

Make Money Flipping Websites on Flippa

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, flipping websites on Flippa can net you some serious coin.
Joshua Kraus, Apr 13

The Lean Startup's Eric Ries' Bold New Experiment

Eric Ries' new book, The StartUp Way, will be crowdfunded via Kickstarter. The campaign ends Wednesday. Will you back it?