Enter the SitePoint Reader Survey … and Win an iPad!

By Tom Museth

OK people, SitePoint needs your input.

The SitePoint network, from RubySource to JSPro, would be a lonely place without its readers — and we’d like to hear what you have to say about us. We’ve published a SitePoint Network Reader Survey, and if you have a few moments, head over there to fill in a short questionnaire. It is brief, we promise; we reckon it’ll take you about four minutes to go through. Nobody likes surveys that read like novels, right?

To make it worth your while, we’re giving away a 16gb 4th Generation iPad to one lucky entrant. Thought that’d make you smile …

Thanks for your time, and for being a loyal member of the SitePoint network!

  • http://estebansaiz.com/ Esteban

    Hi Tom,

    I tried to enter to the survey but I have the final page directly (saying Thanks for completing this survey.) and I couldn’t reply any answer.



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