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Enter a New World with the Homido Virtual Reality Headset

By SitePoint Offers

Homido VR Headset

You don’t need to leave your home to enter a whole new world, thanks to Homido’s virtual reality headset. And thanks to our 30% discount, you don’t need to spend a lot either. Get the headset for $69.95 at SitePoint Shop.

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Jump directly into the action of your favorite video game. Watch a live concert. See your favorite movie in 3D. Explore underwater. There’s no limit to where you can go with the Homido’s 3D and 360-degree head tracking, far-sighted and near-sighted settings, binocular-vision mode, and 100% Field View. The adjustable lenses and face contact foam offer a completely custom fit that stays comfortable for hours. And to get you started, the Homido Center has 300 virtual reality options to choose from.

A new world is just around the corner—go visit with Homido’s virtual reality headset for $69.95.

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