By Sam Deering

Very Easy jQuery Horizonal Bar Chart

By Sam Deering


This is how to setup your own jQuery bar chart in just a few easy steps. The demo is a horizonal bar chart but you can change the settings of the plugin to vertical, change speed and colors.




  1. Download the jquery.charts.js plugin
  2. Copy the HTML code below
  3. Change the data in the table

That’s it! :-)

HTML and jQuery Code

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  • paul bautista

    Hi, i followed(exactly) the simple instructions that you’ve stated, but for some reasosn it is not working.. anyhting else i need to do? the data are appearing but the UI is not working…

    • jquery4u

      Hi Paul,

      Whats the url of the web page your trying?
      Can you post your code somewhere like jsfiddle?


      • paul bautista

        basically, this is where i inserted the entire code(within the table tag) that you posted above:



        I’m actually developing a jquery mobile app, and im appending the whole table tag inside the tag… also, should i put $(“#stats”).charts() on document ready?

  • samad

    I integrated this easy jquery bar chart its good but its not working in Google chrome and Firefox any help please reply me.

    • jquery4u


      The plugin works with all major browsers. Can you give me more information so I can assist. Whats the url? Whats the HTML markup of your chart?


  • THX very goog plugin it help so much. but i want to know if is posible to make it vertical

    • abstract

      How to increase the width and the bar width (in a vertical bar chart)

  • zidan

    nice script , but i cant make it to work with variables. any solution? or inside php tags.

  • thooom

    I can’t seem to get this to work vertically, seems like the bars just collide into eachother showing whichever one is at the bottom.

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