Early Black Friday! SkyHub storage (88% off) + 10% off with code

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Backing up files is essential. It’s also tedious. Which is why we opt for a secure storage solution we can trust…for life. Commitment-phobes, even you’ll love this one: online file storage for life from SkyHub for $49.99.

SkyHub—or as Wall Street Journal calls it, “online file storage excellence”—will give you 1TB of automatic backup for four devices for the rest of your life. Back up your Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, or any NAS or DAS external devices, and it’ll keep all of it safe and encrypted for as long as you need—and make it super easy to view your files online. No catch and no hidden costs.

Your vacation photos from the past 10 years aren’t going to store themselves. Get a lifetime of online storage from SkyHub for $49.99! And use coupon code EARLY10 for an additional 10% off!