By James Edwards

Dust-Me Selectors: Now Compatible With Firefox 3!

By James Edwards
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Today we released Dust-Me Selectors Version 2.1, the handy Firefox extension that trawls through your style sheets and cleans up unused selectors.

The primary change with this version was to add support for Firefox 3. Making this change wasn’t a difficult task for me — all I had to was upgrade to Version 1.0 (beta 3) of base2, and add a couple of UI tweaks.

Firefox 3 support aside, you should notice no huge difference in the performance or feature set.

For more information, to read documentation and to install the new version, check out Dust-Me Selectors on

Incidentally, if you’re interested in getting the most out of Firefox 3, you might like to check out our free eBook, Firefox 3 Revealed, available for download now.

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