Do you CFUG?

By Eric Jones

I live in a small town and the closet big city is about two hours away. This is all about to change in about 3 weeks when I up root myself and my family and head for the green hills of Atlanta GA.

Once in GA my first call of duty (besides buying a house, and getting settled into work) will be to see out the local ColdFusion User Group (CFUG) and get involved.

User Groups can be a great way to mingle with other like minds, learn and teach new CF things as well as building lasting relationships on both a business and personal level.

Currently Ben Forta is on a whirlwind trip around the country (even in Canada!) to visit a large number of these CFUGs. You can find out if he’ll be near you but visiting his site www.forta.com. I recommend if he’s in your area that you stop by and see this presentation. He’s got a lot to say about the next version of ColdFusion and he’s just an all around great person.

If you do attend one of these events do us little people a favor and post your thoughts and notes in the SP forums.

  • Brent Bonet

    Welcome to Atlanta Eric! What brings you here?

    Brent Bonet
    DarbyMedia, LLC

  • jonese

    Better opportunities for my wife (she has a marketing degree) and the opportunity to work 100% with ColdFusion! :)

  • Michael

    Hey, was reading through your article on RSS feed handling and saw you’re moving to Atlanta (or have by now I guess). There’s a real active CFUG group here, but I think you’ll be adjusting to the weather more first ;)

  • http://www.delyrical.com davidjmedlock

    Do you mean this article: http://www.sitepoint.com/article/content-syndication-coldfusion?

    That was actually written by me, not Eric. Glad you enjoyed it, though… :)


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