Divi 3.0 from Elegant Themes Is a Marriage of Power and Simplicity

Stephen Altrogge
Stephen Altrogge

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If you’ve ever created a website, you know there’s a fine line between ease and power. Simple website design platforms like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace allow for simple drag-and-drop editing, but they don’t offer much power or flexibility. They don’t have the massive plugin library of WordPress and you’re forced to work within the rather strict limitations of the platform. WordPress offers maximum flexibility and plugins, but it lacks the simplicity of drag-and-drop editing.

What if there were a way to combine both simplicity and power?

Now there is with the new Divi 3 theme from Elegant Themes.

Divi 3

A True WYSIWYG Experience

Divi 3 is a WordPress theme built using React and Flux, which allows it to be customized using a robust visual builder. When you activate the visual builder, you can instantly make changes to your site and see them exactly as they’ll appear live.

No more working in cluttered style sheets or digging through files. The visual builder truly is a WYSIWYG interface which allows you to instantly drag, drop, type in new text, resize, copy, paste, delete and duplicate. It’s as if the page itself is alive.

Divi 3

Additionally, Divi 3 includes 40 modules which can literally be dropped anywhere on a page. These elements include bar counters, blogs, audio, buttons, blurbs, and a rich variety of others. These elements don’t need to be dragged and dropped from a dock because they are always available and easily accessible. You are in complete control of the content and layout of your site and you don’t need to be a web developer to customize the look and feel.

Divi 3

Once you’ve laid out the page, you can change colors, fonts, add margins, add background images, enable parallax elements, and much more. With Divi 3, you can style to your heart’s content.

Divi 3

Blistering Speed

The Divi 3 visual builder is also one of the fastest website building experiences you’ll find. There are almost no page refreshes or Ajax loading bars. In fact, no traditional loading of any kind is used, and all changes happen almost instantly.

Additionally, thanks to the “Invisible Interface” design of the visual builder, you work in a clean, open space, uncluttered by unnecessary lines, headers, or grids. There are no floating headers or sidebars to obscure your vision or screenspace and some people don’t even realize they’re in the visual builder when they initially load it.

Committed to The Future

We are committed to the future of the web, which is why we spent time building this theme from the ground up using React and Flux. Being committed to the future means building truly elegant themes that are both powerful and simple to use. We believe we achieved that with the Divi 3 theme.

For more information on Divi 3, click here.