There’s a chicken and a frog talking, and the chicken hands the frog a paperback, and says “Buk? Buk, buk, buk, buk buk.” And the frog says “Reddit, reddit, reddit, reddit.”

All this is by way of saying: the Official Book Of The Stylish Scripting Weblog And Its Orchestra And Chorus, DHTML Utopia, is out. Written by me, tech-edited by Simon Willison, the other half of Stylish Scripting (which of us is the scripter and which is the stylish one I shall leave to your imagination), and whipped into the final product by the masterful hands of SitePoint’s Simon Mackie, the book covers everything you need to know about DOM scripting. And there’s a poster too. It was marvellous fun writing it (and I shall be sending a copy off to my grandma, who won’t understand a word but will be chuffed to bits anyway, ha), and we all really hope that it gives people a good platform on which to build the next generation of web applications. Away with those onclick attributes! They have no place in our better world.

Hope you like it, all.