By Kevin Yank

DHTML Lemmings is back

By Kevin Yank

I see the DHTML clone of the classic game Lemmings that surfaced a couple of years back has returned to the Web. Check it out before the lawyers lock it away again!


  • That’s awesome! Nice coding…oh no, more lemmings!

  • Dr Livingston

    Yer, well I spent 10 minutes playing it before I got bored… Enough said then :p

  • Teddy

    10 min? Nah it takes at least 10 hours to get bored on lemmings.

  • lajkonik86

    For those who didn’t see it this way:

    this is great marketing stuff if you are trying to target programers :)

  • WarpNacelle

    I think “Lemmings” was one of those games you had to grow up with. I love it, yet I continually ask myself why I do …? :-)

  • myrdhrin

    Thanks for almost having me late to work this morning!

    I’ll need to look at the back end of that game but gosh did I like playing it when I was younger

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