DevNet Resource Kit Volume 6

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Macromedia have released their next installment in the DevNet series of resource material, and whilst there are Dreamweaver and Coldfusion sample applications and extensions, most notably (for the Flash freaks amongst us) is the addition of two sample applications one highlighting simple web service consumption in Flash using multiple Flash components; the other an AS 2.0 based MineSweeper game.

Also on the list for Flash monkeys are a Slider Component and a set of ActionScript 2.0 classes for formatting locale specific numerical data. Sound interesting? Pop over to Macromedia for more information.

Unfortunately DevNet Volume 6 is not available for singular purchase and download unlike previous versions which means you need to become a DevNet subscriber to get it. This raises some important issues for me, as sometimes there is a specific focus for each of the releases, myself and others may not wish to purchase a DevNet volume that contains content unrelated to their needs.

Personally i think Macromedia should have kept options open for the user allowing them to subscribe to DevNet or allow them to download individual volumes if they needed to.

Now this may just be my thoughts, but i’d be interested in the view of the SitePoint Flash community and what you think.

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 6 Overview

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 6 Flash Specific

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