By Simon Willison

The Mozilla Developer Center

By Simon Willison

The Mozilla Developer Center (affectionately known as Devmo) is one of web development’s best kept secrets. The site describes itself as a Mozilla project dedicated to providing documentation, education, and community for developers of all types. What that means is extensive articles and tutorials on a wide range of important techniques – Ajax, CSS, SVG and much, much more.

Behind the scenes, the site is running a beautifully templated version of MediaWiki – the best-of-breed wiki software originally developed for Wikipedia. Registration is required before you can contribute, but there’s plenty to do if you can spare some time for the project. The site has a small but active community, and the quality of the content is extremely high. Well worth exploring.


  • velocd

    The articles and code samples at Devmo are very thorough and easy to follow.

    I’m surprised it’s using MediaWiki :o, I would have never guessed without reading this blog.

    Not yet introduced to AJAX? Here is a good place to start (for more specifics visit this though).

  • Jeff

    Oh man, that just rocks! I didn’t even know that was there. This will be a very useful reference for the future. Thanks for the post!

  • Tryst

    Wow! This quality stuff.

    The fact that this is Mozilla material more or less ensures it quality of information/articles.

  • Hi, I just discovered Devmo thanks to a reply in SP forums, a great resource.

    I did also notice the use of MediaWikie, nice customization :)


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