DesignFestival: The Inside Secrets of Logo Development: Part 1

By Gordon Currie

For most web freelancers, it’s not uncommon for the phone to ring with that fateful question, “Hey, can you guys build me a new company logo?” And for most of us, we answer yes, hang up and then start to think, where do I start? In this article, I hope to share some “not so common” logo presentation secrets and making any logo development project a big success! Having developed corporate logos for over 15 years, I soon found that coming up with some creative artwork was never a problem. It was the behind the scenes work that stumped myself until I started developing some surefire ways to impress the client, increase my income and most of all, learn the proper presentation skills to get more logo work and create true “value” to the client in the process. Here are just a few basic techniques that worked for me: Understand Your Logo Development Target Market

DesignFestival: The Inside Secrets of Logo Development: Part 1


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