DesignFestival Podcast #11 – The Age of Responsive Design

By Simon Pascal Klein

Welcome to episode eleven. In today’s podcast, Denise Jacobs talks about a new era in designing for the Web — The Age of Responsive Design:

DesignFestival Podcast #11 — The Age of Responsive Design from SitePoint on Vimeo.

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Episode Summary

  • The current confluence of the Web
  • How did we get here?
  • We need a Brain Shift
  • 3 Components of Responsive Design
  • The current confluence of the Web
  • What do we do with this new perspective?
  • The future

Audio Transcript

Will be added soon.

  • Jonny


    • Definitely check out the books listed and follow the authors on Twitter — they are a great source of information on responsive design.

  • Jessel Garcia

    Great information. Give idea about Design Podcast. Thanks . drivers

  • Christine Golden

    I listened to the whole podcast, ordered Ethan’s book and I am totally on board with this idea.

    • Great news, Christine! The book is great, and it a wonderful technique to have in your front-end development repertoire.

  • Carolyn

    Great information! I too watched the whole video and I already have Ethan Marcotte’s book on Responsive Web Design but I don’t have those others listed yet. I’m finding it hard know exactly where to start with this. I still am reading Ethan’s book but I was thinking after watching your video that it’d be really nice to take a class where someone like you or Ethan or Jeremy Keith or someone who has built such a site would be able to teach us how to build a responsive site from the ground up, showing techniques or at least the way they go about designing a responsive site. I also brought up this idea on Learnable…so I’m hoping to see a class on this in the near future. But until then…thanks for all these great resources. I’m going to go check them all out now, and probably buy some more books. :)

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