DesignFestival: Designing for the Web: Templates and Grid Systems

By Felix Mak

Continuing on from the previous article in this series, Designing for the Web: Resolution and Size , we cover some helpful and important factors while creating a template for designing a website. In this article, we will cover some important issues and introduce some tools for you to use when designing a website. Just keep in mind that as in the print sphere, the web sphere contains a multitude of choices for design as well as development. This is only one method and we are attempting to come from more of a designer angle rather than a developer one.

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DesignFestival: Designing for the Web: Templates and Grid Systems

Meet the author
Felix Mak, a graphic designer for 20 or so years, has been working quietly in the suburbs of Melbourne - and has more recently been delving into the art of web design and development and the wonders of shivs and javascript libraries. A strong proponent of simple design and simple communication, he has a love of the lushness of art nouveau design.

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