Welcome to episode nine. Today’s podcast is from Myles Eftos, one of the authors of the Sitepoint book, Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices , and the Learnable course, Build Mobile: Develop websites and apps for smart devices . In this episode, Myles talks about designing for mobile platforms.

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DesignFestival: Design Festival Podcast #9: Design for Mobile Apps and Websites

Tags: html & css, javascript, mobile design, Podcast, tutorial
Pascal is a standardista graphic, web and front-end designer, and a rampant typophile. Born in Mainz, Germany—the birthplace of Gutenberg—he now works in Canberra as a contract designer and studies at the Australian National University. He's been actively engaged in the Open Source community and local web industry, notably as one of the unorganisers to first bring BarCamp to Canberra. He enjoys drinking in as much good type as he can get and has been happily bending beziers since 2004.

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