DesignFestival: A Brief Look at Screen Resolutions

By Jason Beaird

In comparison to the fixed-versus-fluid debate , the argument about designing for particular screen resolutions has been quite tame these past few years. When designers say that a site is designed, or optimized, for a particular screen resolution, they’re actually talking about the resolution of the viewer’s monitor. In the past, the screen resolution debate was focused on whether our designs should still accommodate monitor resolutions of 800×600 without displaying a horizontal scrollbar. According to W3Schools’ screen resolution statistics , in January 2010, 1% of web users had their screens set to 800×600 pixels (down from 4% in 2009), 20% had their resolutions set at 1024×768 pixels (down from 36%), and a whopping 76% of visitors had a resolution higher than 1024×768

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DesignFestival: A Brief Look at Screen Resolutions

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