Design & UX
Saad Al-Sabbagh, Feb 16

5 Ideas to Improve Your Website UX in Under 2 Hours

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference to your UX. Saad has 5 relatively simple ways you can improve your UX in a morning's work.
Design & UX
John Barton, Feb 16

An Engineering Manager's Guide to Rebranding

Ever wondered how rebranding works? 99designs Engineering Manager John Barton conveys how to rebrand efficiently and correctly.
Kushagra Gour, Feb 15

Web Maker, an Offline, Browser-based CodePen Alternative

Kushagra Gour introduces Web Maker, a browser extension for front-end developers needing a blazing-fast, offline web playground.
Design & UX
Jason Lengstorf, Feb 15

How to Overcome All Your Fears Without Being Brave

 Why are we afraid of safe things, and cheerfully cavalier about things that are actually dangerous? Science (and Jason) has some useful suggestions.
Design & UX
Sasha Manusama, Feb 14

bo_rad Shows off His Designer Superpowers

Graphic designer Boris Radulovic (bo_rad) shares his industry insights and how 99Designs has helped him with his freelance career.
Jose Rosario, Feb 13

Achieve 60 FPS Mobile Animations with CSS3

Animating elements in your mobile application is easy. And doing it the right way is easy, too... if you follow our tips here.
Design & UX
Ophelie Lechat, Feb 10

Giveaway: Get a New Logo from 99designs for Free

The best 99designs offer available: a free contest giveaway, and a free $99 upgrade on any logo or design contest. 
Design & UX
Kaitlyn Ellison, Feb 09

Learning from Long-Time Community Leader DSKY

Meet Konstantin Yastrebov, a freelance graphic designer making waves in the industry for his unique creativity. We discover how he got his foot in the door.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Feb 08

Catching Frontend UI Design Tricks with SnappySnippet

Often the key to understanding complex things is to understand their simpler parts first. SnappySnippet is a tool that can help you with that.
Design & UX
Kelsey Bryant, Feb 07

Artsigma Opens up about His Full-Time Career on 99designs

Curious about pursuing a career in design? artsigma from 99designs opens up about his career to date and how he got to where he is now.
Design & UX
Kelsey Bryant, Feb 02

How Meella Accidentally Became a Full-Time Book Cover Designer

How do you break into the book cover design industry? Book designer Miladinka Milic shares her insights and how she stumbled into the industry by accident.
Design & UX
John Stevens, Feb 01

6 Email Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Results from Your Email Efforts

According to the Direct Marketing Association, you can expect an ROI of $38 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. Small tweaks can be big money.
Design & UX
Kelsey Bryant, Jan 31

Kerry Ellis Shares Her Passion for Book Cover Design

What makes a good book cover designer, and how can you work with one? Kerry Ellis, one of 99designs' top designers, shares her advice.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jan 26

The First Rule Of Good Software Design? First, Do No Harm!

We design features with the idea that they are helping our users – but sometimes these same features can be damaging to users with different needs.
Design & UX
Aja Frost, Jan 24

Dark UX: Dirty Tricks and Tactics to Avoid in 2017

Often our goals and those of our user are in alignment – but not always. Sometimes you have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.
Design & UX
Angela Molina, Jan 18

Are You Improving Your UX with Analytics?

Learn to make informed UX decisions based on qualitative data through UX analytics.
Design & UX
Aja Frost, Jan 16

4 Ways to Turn Your Site Into Your Best Salesperson

Talented salespeople are a wonderful asset to business but they don't come cheap. Aja has 4 ways to permanently increase your website conversion rates.
Design & UX
Luke Hay, Jan 12

How To Really Get To Know Your Users with Analytics

Designers can look at Analytics as tools for marketers and SEO people. Luke shows us how design is about understanding, and understanding is about data.
Design & UX
Tim Brown, Jan 10

5 Ways to Delight with UX Details Combining GIFs and CSS

The GIF format has been around for so long that sometimes it's easy to overlook its usefulness. Tim wants you to reconsider the power of GIFs and CSS.
Louis Lazaris, Jan 10


Louis Lazaris, Jan 06

Introducing the HTML5 Herald Sample Site

The following is an extract from our book, HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World, 2nd Edition, written by Alexis Goldstein, Louis Lazaris, and Estelle Weyl.
Design & UX
Andrew Tiburca, Jan 05

4 Killer Typography Tips from the World's Biggest Brands

Successful global brands can become so ubiquitous that we don't almost don't notice them. Andrei shows they have some valuable typography tips to teach us.
Louis Lazaris, Jan 04

Improve Your Website's Accessibility With WAI-ARIA

Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jan 02

Web Design 2016: Attack of the Chromes!

Every year your workflow changes. For me, 2016 was the year when the Chrome App arrived as a serious web/UI design option.