Design & UX
Joyce Echessa, Jul 02

Android Design Anti-Patterns and Common Pitfalls

Designing for mobile is as much about meeting user expectation as it is about screen sizes. Joyce looks at the most common Android design anti-patterns.
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, Jun 23

5 Big Mobile Design Trends of 2015

It's 2015 and mobile browser numbers have officially surpassed their desktop cousins. Gabrielle looks at 5 mobile design trends that are shaping the market.
Design & UX
Mateo Prifti, Jun 18

App Prototyping: Getting Started with Facebook Origami

While Facebook ignored mobile for a long time, there's no doubting their commitment to it now. Mateo looks at one of the design tools they use - Origami.
Simon Codrington, Jun 03

Building Great Mobile Menus for Your Website

Simon Codrington looks at techniques and advice on how to create menus in your website project that are optimized for usage on mobile devices.
Richa Jain, Jun 02

How Mobile Friendly Is Your Design? 12 Tips to Follow

After Google's recent search algorithm changes, mobile friendly design is more important than ever. Richa Jain looks at 12 tips to improve your designs.
Cate Lawrence, May 29

6 Tips for Creating a Language Learning App

Cate Lawrence applies her personal experience of using a language learning application and looks at 6 tips for developers wishing to create their own.
Richa Jain, May 26

Understanding the Mobile User

Richa Jain looks at how understanding mobile users and the way they access the internet has presented new opportunities and challenges to designers.
Design & UX
Lynn Wang, May 25

7 Mobile UX Mistakes You're Probably Making Right Now

Assumptions can kill your UX. Lynn Wang challenges seven super-common mobile design approaches that may be damaging your UX.
Richard Foulkes, May 11

Should I Update My Website for Mobilegeddon?

You're probably wondering if you should update your website so it's mobile friendly and consistent across all platforms. Read this article to find out.
Donald Dragoti, May 01

An Introduction to Android Accessibility Features

Donald Dragoti demonstrates how to use some of Android's accessibility features to make your apps usable by everyone.
Cate Lawrence, Apr 29

7 Tips for Creating an App to Help Mental Illness

Cate Lawrence explains 7 tips for those developers looking to create a mobile app to help those suffering from or working with mental health issues.
Design & UX
Alex Brisbourne, Apr 13

The Unique UX Challenges of the Internet of Things

How does UX change when we take our apps from PCs and phones to our walls and whitegoods? Alex Brisbourne looks at how UX effects the internet of things.
Richa Jain, Apr 08

7 Best Practices for Designing a Mobile User Experience

Richa Jain discusses 7 of her favourite tips for designing a mobile user experience to give your mobile users an optimized experience with your site.
Elio Qoshi, Mar 31

Prototyping for Android with Material Design

Elio Qoshi discusses how and other tools can be used for prototyping Material design based interfaces.
Design & UX
Owen Andrew, Mar 20

The Big Social Media Design Trends In 2015

Like the humans that use it, social media design is fluid and constantly changing. Owen looks at some of the key social media design trends for 2015.
Ada Ivanoff, Mar 11

11 Free Mobile Icon Sets to Use in Your App

Ada Ivanoff shows us 11 fantastic icon sets for use in your Android, iOS and Windows Apps, many of which are free.
Annarita Tranfici, Mar 10

Improving Responsive Images with the Picture Element

Annarita Tranfici discusses the new picture element, that aims to simplify and consolidate responsive images.
Design & UX
Massimo Cassandro, Mar 03

5 Golden Rules For Mobile Email Design

Mobile design presents challenges and email design is crazy hard. Massimo shows you how to tackle the beast that combines both - mobile email design.
Design & UX
Robin Schwartz, Feb 17

Mobile UX Design and All the Ways It Could Go Wrong

Smaller screens means a smaller margin for error with your UX. Robin Schwartz walks you through her top 5 mobile UX design boo-boos.
Design & UX
Vinay Raghu, Feb 10

UI Patterns: What's in a (User)Name?

Usernames can be one letter or a hundred. This can present a challenge when we need to display them in our UI. Vinay looks at a curly UI pattern problem.
Dave Albert, Feb 06

The Top 10 Personalization Strategies for Non-Retail Apps

Dave Albert takes a look at strategies for personalizing user experience in our Apps. Taking a different perspective from the usual retail focus.
Dave Albert, Dec 30

Pushing Push - Have Notifications Come of Age?

Recent Developments in Android and iOS have increased the potential of Push Notifications. Dave Albert explores the possibilities.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Dec 17

Dreamweaver CC: The Web Development Tool That Opens PSDs?

Dreamweaver's ability to work directly with PSDs is a new approach to bridging the gap between layouts and code. Alex takes it for a test-drive.
Dave Albert, Dec 12

Your App Failed Because People Forgot about It

Your great app launched well and then your users forgot about it. Dave Albert looks at tips and advice on how to keep your users coming back.