Design Festival Podcast #15: Web Accessibility with Dennis Lembrée

Simon Pascal Klein

I catch up with Design Festival author Dennis Lembrée this week to chat about web accessibility, podcasting, and an accessible Twitter front-end he wrote called EasyChirp.

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Episode Summary


Content Rundown

  • Show intro: had some great feedback last week on the CSS3 gradients and SVG episode with an idea for using SVG sprites — very, very cool. Pascal briefly raves about the just reported new “neurosynaptic computing chip” by IBM that emulates the cognitive functions of human brains before welcoming our new robotic overloads.
  • Note about the audio for the interview: Pascal lost his stream thanks to GarageBand and the audio is a tad disjointed. New MBP is on its way so things should settle down hereon in.
  • Guest intro
  • Podcasting and Dennis’ six-year running Web Axe accessibility podcast
  • Web accessibility
  • EasyChirp, an accessible front-end to Twitter
  • Web accessibility tools
  • Show close



So yea, I couldn’t help myself this week when I came across a dubstep remix of the nyan cat song by DJ Alex S. Enjoy!