Design Festival Podcast #14: CSS3 Gradients or SVG Backgrounds

Simon Pascal Klein

Welcome back everyone! I caught up with SitePoint lead designer Alex Walker and master of the “Cicada Principle” to have a chat about limitations and banalities of CSS3 gradients and where SVG backgrounds could suitably replace them.

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Episode Summary


Content Rundown

  • Intro: Graphically, CSS3 is awesome — rounded corners, shadows, transformations, …
  • However CSS3 gradients are a bit unwieldy — rudimentary linear or radial gradients, bothersome syntax, varying support across the browsers, …
  • Alternative? Maybe use SVGs?
  • What is SVG
  • How do you use it, browser support, usage with CSS, …
  • Creating SVGs — Inkscape, Aviary’s Raven, Adobe CS, SVG-edit, …
  • The merits
  • Banter about cool use ideas
  • Show close
  • Recommendations of the Week


Recommendations of the Week


The intro music is from track two, the album-title track from Kräma’s After the Rain album. I’ve been absolutely rockin’ out to this album this past week. Kräma are a progressive-psy/trance duo-group from Greece, and I’m finding their sounds in the prog-psy genre really quite unique. If you like progressive trance or psy make sure you check them out. (They’re signed up with Spin Twist Records who’ve consistently released awesome stuff… yes I am a bit of an electronica nutter.)

Audio Transcript

En route — working through a backlog.