Design Festival Podcast #12: ZURB, jQuery UI, and Charlie The Unicorn

Simon Pascal Klein

Hey guys, sorry for the slight delay this week — I’ve been a bit sick over the last few days but the cast is finally here, and it’s another treat. For this episode I had a chat with Matt Kelly from ZURB, the interaction design and strategy studio behind web apps like Notable and Verify. Matt and I discuss jQuery UI, the library ZURB uses extensively for their web apps.

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Episode Summary


Content Rundown

  • Intro: Matt and ZURB
  • What is jQuery UI?
  • Matt’s talk from jQuery Boston
  • Matt’s 4 Maxims: “do no harm, understand response times, communicate, and anticipation
  • User feedback in applications — adding delays to interactions
  • Pre-fetching data to improve responsiveness — inspiration from the Flash days?
  • Projects being worked on: BounceNotable, Verify, and more…
  • ZURB’s Playground — experiments and ideas
  • Recommendations of the week


Also of interest and relevant to the podcast, Matt has since written an article on the pros and cons of stacking divs for faster interactions. The ZURB team writes regularly on their blog, as well as for Smashing Magazine.

Audio Transcript

Workin’ on it. Will be added soon.