jQuery Profile Picture Grabber Plugin v1.0

by SitePoint

Plugin Description

The jQuery Profile Picture Grabber Plugin allows you to get your profile picture instantly from different social networks such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Gravatar and directly via a URL inside a easy to use interface enhanced with jQuery. I have writtena blog post tutorial with some code examples on how to use the plugin.


Demo 1 - Choose your profile picture

Demo 2 - Specify for a single person (me)

Demo 3 - Show the image source

Demo 4 - Use Icons instead of text links

Key Features

  • Easy setup - 1 HTML tag and a few lines of JS.
  • Instant Display - Updates live as you select your Social Network.
  • Support Social Networks - Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Gravatar.

Plugin Options

  • Select Social Networks - On/Off: Simply turn on/off which ones you want to use.
  • Picture Size - Height/Width: Choose the size of your profile picture.
  • Smart resize - On/Off: Attempt to resize the picture dynamically to your set dimensions.
  • Grab Originals - On/Off: Attempts to grab the original image uploaded to the Social Network instead of the optimised one you see online.

Coming Soon!

  • Store Picture - Grab the picture using CURL and store it for use with Web Applications.
  • Web Form Intergation - Integrate with your online web forms (registration, signup, profile pages etc..).
  • LinkedIn Support - Grab profile picture from LinkedIn (using oAuth)


Put the some codeinto your HTML HEAD tag. Configure your options and you away. Easy. Read the tutorial for instructions and code examples.


  • Full development, the whole capoosh by Sam Deering.