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Dr. Design’s Definitive Design Links List

    Dr. Design

    Looking for something? A font? Some stock photos? Maybe a tutorial or two? Then you’ve come to the right place!

    Created and maintained by our own Community members, these lists of tried and true sites contain only the best and most useful resources. We use them ourselves every day!

    So don’t spend hours surfing. The best sites are listed right here! And if you’d like to suggest a link, simply email us.

    What are you after?

    Font Sites

    Typography is a critical element of design. But there are a lot of fonts out there β€” where will you ever find the time to weed the cool sites from the dregs?

    We’ve done it for you! Our Community members have put together this definitive list of the sites they use and love. The sites allow downloads, offer font-related tools, and more!

    Cheap Stock Photography

    Slick imagery can make or break a design. If you’re on a tight budget, but have a little cash to splash, give these affordable stock photo sites a try.

    For cheap stock illustration as well as photos, try www.artbitz.com.

    Free Stock Photography

    Design on a shoestring often leaves no budget for images. The solution? These stock photo sites (rated out of 5 stars by our very own Community members).

    Tutorials, Tips and Tricks Links

    Orginally posted by St0rmi at (now defunct) Somethingleet.com, and built on by our own community members, is this great list of tutorials. No matter what the topic, if you want a tutorial, this list will take you there!