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Save Time On Repetitive Text With TextExpander SitePoint readers get 20% off of TextExpander

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Things you DON’T have time for:

  • That stupid “Cats Dancing” video that your coworker sent to everyone in the office because apparently he doesn’t have any work to do and how come this stuff never shows up on his performance review?
  • Waiting in line at Starbucks while the guy in front of you asks for a detailed explanation of all the ingredients in a macchiato, while, all the while, you’re getting cold sweats due to caffeine withdrawal.
  • Typing the same thing AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Science has not yet discovered a cure for office morons or Starbucks stallers.

There IS a cure for typing the same thing again and again.

That cure is TextExpander.

With just a few SIMPLE few keystrokes, TextExpander can insert a custom email signature, a boilerplate paragraph, a status update, or just about anything else you can imagine.

Don’t WASTE time filling out forms or sending the same email response again and again. Let TextExpander do the work for you.

And TextExpander isn’t for your computer only. Use it on your iPhone or iPad when sending text messages, emails, or anything else requiring text.

You can get 20% off TextExpander TODAY!

Now, whenever a coworker sends you a stupid video that you don’t have time for, you use TextExpander to inform him that you have better things to do.

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