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99Designs: Do Design the Easy Way Great business starts with a great logo

Head over to 99Designs today and get the design you need, without the hassle.

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You’ve got an absolutely KILLER product.

Your customers constantly rave about how freaking amazing it is.

There’s just one MAJOR problem: your website absolutely sucks. It looks like something America Online designed in 1996, complete with flashing banners and awful smooth jazz that automatically plays when someone opens the site.

Your terrible website is KILLING your sales.

You need to do something fast.

You’ve got two options:

  1. Hire that friend of a friend who claims to “dabble” in web design to redo your site.
  2. Create a job contest on 99Designs and receive an AVALANCHE of incredible designs from PROFESSIONAL designers.

Choose option #1 and there’s a good chance you’ll be STUCK with a website that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Paint by your four year-old cousin.

Choose option #2 and you will be able to choose the design you like BEST from the vast pool of professional designs submitted to you.

And 99Designs offers WAY more than just websites. From logos to apps to book covers to clothing, 99Designs has got you covered.

You create the job contest, the designs begin flooding in, and you choose the one that fits you BEST.

If you need a design, you’ll find it on 99Designs.

Don’t hire the friend of friend. Hire a creative professional who can give you the masterpiece you’re looking for.

Visit and get your job started TODAY.

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